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Condominium and Apartment

Maybe one of you ever heard the short conversation “where apartment do you live?” “I live in the condominium across the office”. This kind of conversation proves that there are many people that do not know what the use of the word term of apartment and condominium is. Condominium comes from two Latin words, “con” which means together or shares together, and “dominium” means ownership or control.

Condominium and Apartment

In the property business circle, the use of the word condominium and apartment are also often used to the ownership term, apartment is used to point leased high-rise building, while condominium refers to apartment that sale to the ownership. This means the apartment is for rent, and the condominium is for sale to the owner.

From the origin of the words, condominium refers to the ownership term; it is not the kind of residential. The other say, condominium is the other form of the right of use of apartment buildings. While apartment is a residential term of word that refers to place, residential, or the noun term of place to live. So, the difference is on the stressing of its term, condominium is a term of rights of the place or the ownership, while apartment refers to the building, something residential or place to live.


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