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Dining Table Sets: Formal or Informal

Selecting dining room sets is quite challenging. There are many factors you should consider. Nonetheless, things are always complicated. If you know what to do and how to cope with such matter properly, you will find that everything can be so easy for you. Despite the fact that there are so many things you can do and consider, it is good to group the dining room set into two different groups. They are formal dining room set and informal dining room set.

Formal dining room set requires more high quality materials. Wood, leather, and velvet are the most used materials to create formal dining room set. Besides, the design of formal dining room set is different from informal or casual dining room set. Formal dining room set emphasizes the classic carvings, big and thick shape, complicated patterns, and vintage color schemes. Unlike the formal dining room set, informal or casual dining room set employs lighter and modern materials. Wood and leather are somehow used, but mostly casual dining room sets are made of glass, metal alloy, and cotton. The design is also different. Casual or informal dining room set employs modern, minimalist, and curvy design. However, there is no ornament required. Besides, it also uses more cheerful and lighter color schemes, such as yellow, orange, white, or cream.

Considering the differences between formal and informal dining room sets, you can choose one of them to be installed in your house based on the theme of your dining room. Formal dining room set matches very well to big and classic dining room. Meanwhile, informal or casual dining room set will look very perfect in narrow but modern dining room.


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