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Green Real Estate Commercials

Nowadays as the hotter and hotter issue of global warming in mass media or in the internet media, people become aware in environment, all aspects change into environmentally friendly and go green campaign. And also in residential sector, many people choose to live in the green real estate, because it is healthy, green, support anti global warming and also low cost operational. There are plenty of property agencies that turn into develop the green real estate environments, but is that really green environmental? That will be the question when choosing green real estate to live, because there are many commercials that offer green real estate as gimmick marketing slogan to attract customers.

Green Real Estate Commercials

This phenomenon of course misleads the customers by using gimmick marketing green real estate. In reality, when the customers want to check the real condition of the environment it is turned out to be different from the commercial, in real, the residence is not green environmental friendly. To overcome this problem, many cities will recommend the green real estate environment by using the Certificate of Green Environment. If the green real estate or the property agency has this certificate, the residence can be sure as truly green real estate and customers feel safe in choosing green real estate.


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