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Great Apartment Prices for Portland

Ever since I was little, and I took my first visit to Portland, with my family, I have been in love with the city. I have visited it a number of times, since I was little, but I have not had the chance to move ot the city until now. I am very excited, but before, I can actually move there, I will need to look for apartments in Portland OR. I want to find something that is pretty cheap, because I am not going to have a lot of extra money, and more than that, I am going to need to try to save up my money, because eventually, I want to be able to have enough money in order to pay for a house.

I think that renting is not an ideal solution, but it is the only choice that I have at the moment, if I want to live in Portland. Basically, My options are either move to Portland and live in an apartment, or continue to live with my parents in a house. I think that the former option is very superior, because I have lived at home for far too long, and it is time for me to move on to something better than my current living arrangements.

Of course, I love my parents, and living with them for so long has been pretty special to me, but I think that I need to move on and live on my own, in order to be able to grow as a person. At least, that sure seems like it is the case. Maybe I am wrong, but I kind of doubt it. So I am currently looking online for sites that have listings of apartments that are for rent in Portland. I also need to do some research on the different areas in the city.


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