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How Do You Manage Real Estate Investments?

When my parents passed away no one really expected to find out that they had made several large investments that were doing really well. As it turns out, my parents were both really good at investing, and no one in the family even knew about it. They had managed to keep this huge secret from us our entire lives.

None of us knew the first thing about investing. It was me and my two brothers that were left holding all of these investments. How in the world were we going to manage all of these things? This was way too much for us to be able to handle. One of my brothers asked some of his friends who had been successful at investing. They suggested that we speak to Bradley Cohen. He was a close personal friend of theirs, and they had been doing business with him for quite a few years now.

I had no idea who this was, and I had no idea how he was going to be any sort of help to us. Most of my parents assets were real estate investments. It turns out that this Bradley fellow was a very successful real estate investor. He started investing in real estate over thirty years ago. This told me two things. It told me that he had the experience that we needed, and it told me that my brother’s friends trusted Bradley. These were two very important things that my brothers and I were concerned about.

We decided to meet with some people at his company, Cohen Asset Management Inc. It did not take much to convince us that this was the right decision to make, especially since none of us knew the first thing about these investments. This was three years ago, and all of our parent’s investments have grown. We know we made the right decision.


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