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How to Maintain Green Real Estate

Green Real Estate

Having a green real estate may become a dream for most people. With greener real estate, you can enjoy your home without any uncomfortable feeling. However, if you want to make it true there are several tips on how to maintain your real estate in order to make it more eco friendly.

  • Install ceiling fan throughout your home. By installing ceiling fan, you can keep your room comfortably cool without spending much money on Air conditioning.
  • Plant plenty of trees near your area. Plenty of trees will keep your home stay cool and comfortable during the summer time. Besides, it can make the scenery in your home more beautiful because of its greenly look
  • Try to minimize the use of light. You can replace incandescent with fluorescent bulbs. A fluorescent bulb is eco friendly because it is only require minimum lightning. Besides, it is economic.
  • Always use material that durable overtime. By using this kind of material, you have save the earth from the dangerous treat of global warming.

By doing those steps at least you can make your home more eco friendly so that you can stay comfortably with your beloved family. The most important, you have contributed in preventing global warming.

Green Real Estate


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