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mecca real estate

Mecca, the holiest city of the Moslem, proves as the exception of the pessimist opinion in Middle East real estate business. As the most visited city for the hajj and umrah ritual by Muslims, it causes the explosion in property sector, there are many hotels build in Mecca. The expert say, the cost per meter cube in the commercial area of holy city Mecca reaches $100.000, it makes Mecca as the most expensive city in the world and Mecca is visited by 2, 5 million people from around the world every year. It makes the property businessmen and the investor want to invest their money in Mecca by built real estate.

mecca real estate

According to the government, the government investment and real estate developer in Mecca and Medina estimated reach 120 billion dollars in the next decades. That is the fantastic amount of money in the property business sector. In Mecca this time is ongoing mega project of real estate development that costs more than 20 billion dollars. By the most visited city in the world for tourists and pilgrims it is logic if the land cost billions of dollars just for per meter cube, and invite many investors to put their money in the property business sector.


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