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Middle Level Condominium

In the third quarterly of this 2012, residential sector is growing positively, forward it will increase more, especially in the big cities of developing or developed countries. Because in the big cities there are many offices and the business is located there, so many people want to go there and as the result of the many people in the town it makes high increase amount of the traffic jam in the big cities around the world. As the way out, the condominium option is the best choose especially for salary men that want to have resident that is near with the office, it is reduce the percentage of facing traffic jam while going to the office.

Middle Level Condominium

By focusing on the selling condominium for the salary men, and the other middle class level society, the demand of middle level condominium is also increased; by this year the sale of middle level condominiums in the cities around the world have significant positive result. It is also because of the trend in the middle level society to have condominium in the downtown that makes the percentage of the condominium sale is increased in the big cities around the world. The properties business agencies predict in the 2020 the sale of condominium will increase more as the result of the positive growth in economy sector.


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