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Property Business

For you who have small fund and you want to have huge profit in property business, is it possible? The answer is, yes it is possible! It is fit for you who are retiring or have a small fund and want to start a property business, first of all choose the location you want to star property business, you can start by searching in news papers commercial or in the internet, you have to consider the things that support the location, those are the way of the location that can be passed by cars, and the location is near with office or school.

Property Business

Second, after choosing and you found the location, is transaction, but you don’t have to pay it full, pay as advance money first, and tell the seller the rest will be paid latter. Remember, the best land or location is uncertificated location. So, before you have a deal with the seller, you better ask the permissions letter and the certificate first. After paying advance money, tell the location seller that the rest of the money will be paid after the arrangement of the certificate is done. The last, go to the lawyer to arrange the certificate and let the lawyer do his or her work, and after the certificate is in your hand, pay the rest money of the transaction, now you have your strategic location and you can build your dream property building above it.


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