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Some Questions to Consider Asking

Choosing between Atlanta apartments can be a complex process; renters have to take into consideration location, price, amenities, management, size, neighbors, and many other factors. Before moving in or signing paperwork, here are vital questions to ask an apartment manager. Renters should be fully aware the role that the apartment complex manager plays. Consider whether management is available regularly, whether the office has regular hours, and how to contact management about emergency situations. Will the complex manager take care of all landscaping and maintenance both inside and outside of the apartment? What is the typical turnaround time for non-emergency maintenance requests? What about pest control?

In addition to rent, many apartment complexes have a range of additional fees that may be assessed on a regular or irregular basis. Costs associated with having pets may include a pet deposit, monthly pet fee, or pet cleanup fee. Renters should inquire about any fees for amenities, maintenance, parking, guests, late payments, or trash pick-up. Are there penalties for noise violations or porch or yard clutter? Also, how much does rent increase on average each year? Is there a fee for paying by credit card or making an online payment? What is the fee for having to break the lease?

Potential renters should find out the details of an apartment complex’s requirements. Are residents required to have a certain amount of renter’s insurance? Is there a maximum or minimum income restriction? Can residents have children or pets? Many complexes may limit the number of children and the number and type of pets. Ask the apartment manager about the complex and neighborhood. What is the typical noise level? How busy are the surrounding streets? What problems, if any, has the complex or neighborhood experienced in the past? What is the availability of fire, police, and emergency personnel? While many apartment managers will not address direct questions about the demographic make-up of the complex, renters may be able to gather this information through observation. Are there playgrounds and swing sets? Hopefully, these questions will lead you to finding the apartment of your choice!


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