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Staying as a new but contemporary citizen in Waterloo for study requires you to find good off-campus housing in Waterloo. Here some tips you can follow to find the housing you want.

First of all, you need to find a lot of references. You can use internet to gain the useful references. In order to ease your way to find the references, you need to determine the criteria of your perfect housing in Waterloo. There are some criteria you can use, such as what type of housing you want, the location, and the cost. To tell you the truth, most of nearby housing is quite pricey than the housing located pretty far from the campus location. However, you can try finding off-campus housing in Waterloo which provides room for more than one person. It means that later on you will stay will one or two roommates in the same room of housing. Staying in a room with roommates is more economy friendly for you. Next, you need to consider the facilities. A good housing should provide good facilities especially which support those who have no vehicle to go around. Further, you can consider the surrounding. The surrounding of a house will contribute to the condition and atmosphere of the house itself. It depends on you whether you like a peaceful and clean surrounding or not.

If you find it is difficult to find the best off-campus housing in Waterloo, you can gain some suggestions from your friends, colleague, or the local authority.


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